Headstart2 Online

Pashto Headstart2 is available online. In order to view the materials a font download is necessary. Click the link below to begin. DOWNLOAD FONTS


Requirements: Web browser, Flash Player 9+

Headstart2 for iPod

Pashto Headstart2 is also available as a download for iPod. Click the link below to download the files and installation instructions.

Requirements: Windows/Mac with iTunes installed and an iPod or iTouch


Pashto Headstart2 exposes users to 750 key terms and phrases, and provides them with important communication tools they need in preparation for deployment.

Course Structure

Headstart2 consists of ten modules, each including two Sound and Script and five Military Tasks. Sound and Script teaches the basics of Pashto script. Each Military Task focuses on fifteen language drills based on a given topic or theme, such as greetings and introductions, or gathering intelligence.

DownLoad Pashto Headstart2 (0.97GB)


Requirements: Web browser, Flash Player 9+

In order for the Pashto Headstart2 program to display Pashto script properly, you must have the supplemental language support for right-to-left languages installed on your computer. You will also need to install two custom fonts on your computer prior to running it. Please download them from here. Please refer to your system documentation for directions on how to add new fonts to your computer. If you are using your work computer to run this program, you may not have the necessary user privileges to add fonts to your computer. If that is the case, please ask your information technology officer for assistance. Reboot your computer after the installation. After you have downloaded the "pashto_headstart2.zip" file, unzip it to the location of your choice. Open the "pashto_headstart2" folder and then click on the "start.html" file to begin the course. The Headstart2 login page will appear.

Your user information is stored on your local computer only, so be aware that your progress is not transferable to other locations. Also, we will not be able to help you reset your password, so please pick something that is easy for you to remember. Avoid using your AKO account information.

Supplemental Materials

Headstart2 also features over 100 PDFs with writing drills that provide the user with the opportunity to practice writing the target script. Other features include a writing tool, a sound recorder, a glossary, and a cultural resources section.