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Play Button Turn off your engine. Play Button motorehin atfa ሞተርህን፡አጥፋ
Play Button Get out of the truck please. Play Button evakiH kemekeenaa wurid እባክህ፡ከመኪናህ፡ውረድ
Play Button Where are you coming from? Play Button kayetnaw yemismit aw? ከየት፡ነው፡የምት፡መጣው?
Play Button Where are you going to? Play Button yesnaw yemitaheydo? የት፡ነው፡የምትሄ፡ደው?
Play Button What are you transporting? Play Button mendinaw yemitaagwagwazo? ምንድን፡ንው፡የም ታጉዋጉዘው?
Play Button Please unlock the back door. Play Button baakehin yohaala-oon ber kefet ባክህን፡የበሩን፡ቁልፍ
Play Button We need to inspect the cargo. Play Button t-chinitoon mefetesh aalaben ጭነቱን፡መፈተሽ፡አለብን
Play Button What is this? Play Button yiKh mendinaw? ይህ፡ምንደን፡ነው?
Play Button Where did you get this ammunition? Play Button eehenin t-eeyatoch keyet non yamatahaw? ይሄን፡ጥይቶች፡ከየት፡አመጣህው?
Play Button Who does this ammunition belong to? Play Button yiKh t-eeyatoch yamaanacho? ይሄ፡ጥይቶች፡የማንው?
Play Button We are going to detain you and confiscate your truck. Play Button aantenenaa t-chinit mekinaahin meyaaz aalaaben አነተንና፡ጭነት፡መኪናህን፡መያዝ፡አለብን
Play Button You will get your truck back if you tell us who you are taking this to. Play Button yehenin maan gar naw yemitwosto kenigarken yechinet mekinaahin enmisalahalin ይህን፡ማን፡ጋር፡እንደምትወስድ፡ከነገርከን፡የጭነት፡መኪናህን፡ኣንመልስልሃለን
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