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Play Button Everything will be done to get you fixed up again. Play Button endeeshaaluH hooloonager eederegehaal ሁሉ፡ነገር፡ይደረግልሃል፡እዲሻልህ
Play Button You are only slightly wounded. Play Button baatinbeshoo k-oslahaal በትንሹ፡ቆስለሃል
Play Button You will soon be up again. Play Button bek-irb tenesaaleKh በቅርብ፡ትነሳለህ
Play Button Your condition is serious, but you will get better. Play Button hooneytaaKh aadegenyaano ginbek-er yeeshaalehaal ሁኔታህ፡አደገኛ፡ነው፡ግን፡በቅርብ፡ይሻልሃል
Play Button You will get better if you let us take care of you. Play Button meydaan kefalek ina-redehaalen መዳን፡ከፈለክ፡እንረዳ ለን
Play Button You are seriously hurt. Play Button bet-aam tegortahaal በጣም፡ተጎድተሃል
Play Button You are seriously ill. Play Button bet-aam taamahaal በጣም፡ታመሃል
Play Button It will probably take a long time for you to get better. Play Button bezoo gizey feyjaal eskeyshaala ብዙ፡ጊዜ፡ይፈጃል፡እስኪሻልህ
Play Button The surgery was successful. Play Button opreshaaneKh teroo wid-eyt aamtetwaal ኦፐሬስንህ፡ጥሩ፡ውጤ፡ትን፡አምጥቱዋል
Play Button We were able to help you. Play Button lininkebaakebiH cheelenaal ልንክባከብህ፡ችለናል
Play Button We had to remove this. Play Button yeehenin mawt-at neberebin ይህን፡ማውጣት፡ነበ፡ረብን
Play Button We tried, but we could not save this. Play Button mokeren nabergin yeehenin maadaan aalchaalem ሞክረን፡ነበር፡ግን፡ይህ፡ን፡ማዳን፡አልቻልንም
Play Button You were hurt very badly. Play Button bet-aam tegorteH nebar በጣም፡ተጎድተህ፡ነበር
Play Button You will be fine. Play Button deh-naa tihonaaleKh ደህና፡ትሆናለህ
Play Button You will need time to heal. Play Button eskame shaaleegizey yeefajaal እስከሚሻልህ፡ጊዜ፡ይፈ ጃል
Play Button We will arrange for your transport back to your country. Play Button wade-aageriH endetemaales mesaaferyaa enagezahaalen ወደ፡አገርህ፡እንድትመ፡ለስ፡መሳፈሪያ፡እናዘጋ ግልሃለን
Play Button We will send you to another place. Play Button leylaa botaa inelikehaalen ሌላ፡ቦታ፡እንልክሃለን
Play Button You need more care. Play Button betech-emaaree erdetaataa yasfeligahaal በተጨማሪ፡እርዳታ፡ያስፈልግሃል
Play Button You will return to your Unit when you are better. Play Button seeshaaliH wadet-or kefliH temilisaaleKh ሲሻልህ፡ወድ፡ጦር፡ክፍልህ፡ትመለሳለህ
Play Button I will be back soon. Play Button bak-ir temeleshey emet-aalo በቅርብ፡ተመልሼ፡መጣለሁ
Play Button I will check back later to see how you are doing. Play Button endeyt endehonk lemaayet bohaalaa temilashey emet-aalo በሁዋላ፡ተመልሼ፡መጣለሁ፡እንዴት፡እንደሆንክ፡ለማየት
Play Button Return tomorrow so we can be sure you get better. Play Button endeteshaaleH endinraay nege temelise enditmet-aa ነገ፡ተመልሳህ፡እንድትመጣ፡እንደተሻለህ፡እንድናይ
Play Button Return in one week so we can be sure you get better. Play Button endeteshaaleH endinawk ke-ant samint bohaalaa enditmet-aa ከአንድ፡ሳምንት፡በሁዋላ፡እንድትመጣ፡እንደ፡ተሻለህ፡እንድናይ
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