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Play Button Do not stop if the convoy is attacked! Play Button yin dan mya taayk Khaayk Khan ya yin ma yah neh!
Play Button No littering or dumping trash on military camps or staging areas. Play Button sit tah sa Khan tho ma hot tah mah tar deh aree ya mya hma a maayt tho ma hot a maayt pon mya ma pyit ya
Play Button Go around any broken down truck in the convoy. Play Button yin dan teh hmar kon tin yin a pyit shee lar
Play Button No flashing beacons. Play Button an da yeh a chek pya mee ma shee ba
Play Button Fuel vehicle every time vehicle stops. Play Button maw taw yin yah taayn lawn sar see phyey ba
Play Button Food is provided at some military camps when available. Play Button ta cho sit tah sa Khan hmar a sa shee yin pay meh
Play Button Bring plenty of food and water with you. Play Button min neh a to a sa neh yey mya yo lar ba
Play Button If you have to stop for any reason and the convoy continues, wait for help from the military. Play Button yin dan ga sek pyee thwar ney sin a jawn ta Kho jawk yah chin yin, sit tah hma a ko a nyee go sawk ba
Play Button They will escort you back into position. Play Button tho do yeh a sawk a jah neh min ney yar go pyan po pay layt meh
Play Button No fighting or arguing with any other driver over position in convoy. Play Button yin dan ga mawn tha mar a chin chin nyin Khon taayk Khaayk hmo ma lot ya
Play Button Drive in a single file. Play Button lan jawn ta Kho teh hma mawn ba
Play Button Drive a minimum of 3 kms before stopping. Play Button ma yah mee a neh son thon kee lo meeter lawk mawn ba
Play Button Be prepared to stop and assist broken down trucks. (Note: This is an instruction for bobtail drivers.) Play Button kon tin kar mya pyek ney yin yah pyee ko nyee pho a sin thint lot ba (mah chit: phyah chaw kar mawn tho a twek nyoon char chek)
Play Button Report any problems with other drivers to the convoy commander. Play Button ta char yin mawn tho mya neh pyah tha na shee yin yin dan yeh oo see chot go tha din po ba
Play Button No drug or alcohol use while driving. Play Button yin mawn ney sin a yek tho ma hot mo yit sey waa ma thon ya
Play Button Know how to change tires and have proper tools. Play Button kar bayn leh tah pho neh kar bayn leh deh ka ree ya mya shee lar
Play Button Loads, straps, chains, and tires are the drivers' responsibility. Play Button kon tin kon cha, tot po, chee nawn neh kar bayn mya ha yin mawn tho dwey yeh taa won ba
Play Button Check every time the convoy stops. Play Button yin dan yah taayn sit sey ba
Play Button Following distance is 100m on open highway. Play Button a way pyey lan paw hma meeter ta yar lawk Khwaa taa ya meh
Play Button Following distance is 50m in towns. Play Button myo dwin lan hma meeter naa seh lawk Khwaa taa ya meh
Play Button When stopped on the road, keep enough space between vehicles to drive around if required. Play Button lan paw hma kar yah yin ta char kar mya thwar naayn pho a twek lon lawk teh ney yar a jeh pay taa ba
Play Button If you lose sight of the convoy, slow down and wait for a military truck to pass you, and follow it. Play Button a keh ywey yin dan pyawk thwar yin, a shayn shaw byee sit tah kon tin yin go pay jaw byee, nawk ka laayt thwar ba
Play Button No weapons. Play Button lek nek mya ma shee bo
Play Button No cell phone use. Play Button seh phon a thon ma pyoo ya
Play Button Do not throw food or water to the locals. Play Button dee dey tha mya hma a sar tho ma hot yey ma pyit ba neh
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