Familiarization Help
To navigate the "Familiarization" site, use the page navigation buttons to access the previous or next pages. You can also use the navigation bars on top of the page to jump to different chapters or to the separate modules the chapters are composed of.

In order to access site information while offline, click on the PDF link to view, save, or print out a read-only document version of the site.

For information on the sources referenced in the "Familiarization" programs, click on the blue footnotes, which will open a separate window containing this information.

Move your cursor over the images to view a written description of what they depict. Most of the images are copyrighted by individuals or companies, so please do not use them without prior express permission of the respective copyright holder.

When interactive learning tools are available, follow the instructions provided by the individual program. They are designed to enhance the user’s experience and expand on the content.

After completing the program, click on the Self-Assessment button and answer each question by clicking either True or False. You may go back and change your answers any time during the assessment. To navigate among pages, click the small arrows in the lower right of the screen. Once you have completed the test click the Submit button on the last page. If you receive a score of 80% or better you will be directed to enter your name in order to receive a certificate. Submit your name and click Print. After you have submitted your answers you may also check your answers by clicking the why buttons located next to each question.