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Play Button Turn off your engine. Play Button motaRe Khod Raa Khaamush ko. موتر خود را خاموش کو.
Play Button Get out of the truck please. Play Button az motaR KhaaRej show. از موتر خارج شو.
Play Button Where are you coming from? Play Button az kujaa aamadee? از کجا آمدی؟
Play Button Where are you going to? Play Button kujaa meeRee? کجا میری؟
Play Button What are you transporting? Play Button che baaR kaRdee? چه بار کردی؟
Play Button Please unlock the back door. Play Button lutfan poshte saRe motaR Raa waa ko. لطفا پشت سر موتر را وا کو.
Play Button We need to inspect the cargo. Play Button maa baaRetaan Raa mo'aayana meekuneem. ما بارتان را معاینه میکنیم.
Play Button What is this? Play Button ey chees? ایی چیس؟
Play Button Where did you get this ammunition? Play Button in mohimaat Raa az kujaa giRiftee? این مهمات را ازکجا گرفتی؟
Play Button Who does this ammunition belong to? Play Button in mohimaat ba kee ta'luq daaRa? این مهات به کی تعلق داره؟
Play Button We are going to detain you and confiscate your truck. Play Button maa shumaa Raa giRiftaaR wa motaRe shumaa Raa mosaadeRa meekuneem. ما شما را گرفتار و موتر شما را مصادره میکنیم.
Play Button You will get your truck back if you tell us who you are taking this to. Play Button agaR guftee ke in mohimaat Raa ba kee meebaRee, motaRetaan Raa pas giRifta meetaanee اگر گفتی که این مهمات را به کی میبری موترتان پس گرفته میتوانی.
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