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Play Button Do you have an intrauterine device (birth control device)? Play Button maanopo paanjenengaan ngaagem aalaat kaa bey / ee oo tey? Punapa panjenengan ngagem alat KB / IUD?
Play Button Have you had missed periods of menstruation recently? Play Button maanopo mens paanjenengaan telaat aaheR-aaheR maaneeko? Punapa mens panjenengan telat akhir-akhir punika?
Play Button Do you use pills for birth control? Play Button maanopo paanjenengaan ngaagem pel kaa bey? Punapa panjenengan ngagem pil KB?
Play Button Are you pregnant? Play Button maanopo paanjenengaan mbobot? Punapa panjenengan mbobot?
Play Button Could you be pregnant? Play Button mbo manaawee paanjenengaan mbobot? Mbok menawi panjenengan mbobot?
Play Button When was your last period? Play Button kolo maanopo mens teRaaheR paanjenengaan? Kala punapa mens terakhir panjenengan?
Play Button How many pregnancies have you had? Play Button saampoon kaa peng peenten paanjenengaan mbopot? Sampun kaping pinten panjenengan mbobot?
Play Button Are you having any vaginal discharge? Play Button maanopo paanjenengaan nglaayeR aaken noRmaal? Punapa panjenengan nglairaken normal?
Play Button Are you having vaginal bleeding? Play Button maanopo paanjenengaan ngaalaamee pendaaRahaan? Punapa panjenengan ngalami pendarahan?
Play Button How long have you had vaginal bleeding? Play Button weewit kaapaan paanjenengaan ngaalaamee pendaaRahaan? Wiwit kapan panjenengan ngalami pendarahan?
Play Button Does the vaginal bleeding come and go? Play Button maanopo pendaaRahaan eepon so-so maandeh, laajing pendaaRahaan maaleeh? Punapa pendarahanipun sok-sok mandhek, lajeng pendarahan malih?
Play Button Is the vaginal bleeding constant? Play Button maanopo pendaaRahaan eepoon teRaas-teRaasaan? Punapa pendarahanipun teras-terasan?
Play Button Do you feel dizzy? Play Button maanopo paanjenengaan kRaa-os moomet? Punapa panjenengan kraos mumet?
Play Button How many months have you been pregnant? Play Button paanjenengaan saampoon mbobot peenten woolaan? Panjenengan sampun mbobot pinten wulan?
Play Button How many children do you have? Play Button peenten pootRo paanjenengaan? Pinten putra panjenengan?
Play Button Have you been raped? Play Button maanopo paanjenengaan deepoon peRkaa-os? Punapa panjenengan dipunperkaos?
Play Button We need to examine you carefully. Play Button paanjenengaan baadey koolo pRekso kaantee telaatos? Panjenengan badhe kula priksa kanthi telatos.
Play Button We will protect your privacy as much as we can. Play Button keteRaangan baab kaahaanaan paanjenengaan deepoon Raahaaseeyaa-aaken Keterangan bab kahanan panjenengan dipunrahasiaaken.
Play Button Does this hurt? Play Button maanopo maaneeko saakit? Punapa punika sakit?
Play Button Do not push yet. Play Button aampoon ngeden Roomeeyin Ampun ngeden rumiyin.
Play Button Push now. Play Button saa maaneeko ngeden Sakpunika ngeden.
Play Button Push now as hard as you can. Play Button saa maaneeko ngeden saa koowaat-koowaateepoon Sakpunika ngeden sakkuat-kuatipun.
Play Button The baby is here. Play Button baayineepoon saampoon laahiR Bayinipun sampun lahir.
Play Button It is a boy. Play Button baayineepoon jaaleR Bayinipun jaler.
Play Button It is a girl. Play Button baayineepoon estRee Bayinipun estri.
Play Button The baby looks healthy. Play Button baayineepoon kateeng ngaal seyhaat Bayinipun ketingal sehat.
Play Button We will take good care of the baby. Play Button baayineepoon baadey deeponRoomaat kaantee saa-ey Bayinipun badhe dipunrumat kanthi sae.
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