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Play Button Open your eyes. Play Button uch mudzraav. اچھہ مژراو.
Play Button Close your eyes. Play Button kaR uch band. کر اچھہ بند.
Play Button Do you have any pain in your eyes? Play Button dzeh maa cheyi achan daag? ژي ما چَھئ اچَھن دگ؟
Play Button Do you wear corrective glasses? Play Button dzi chook unuk laagaan? ژ چُھکھہ عینک لاگان؟
Play Button Do you wear contact lenses? Play Button dzi maa chook lenz laagaan? ژ ما چُھکھہ لینئز لاگان؟
Play Button Is your vision clear in both eyes? Play Button dzeh chuwee dona woonee uchun gash teek? ژي چُھئيہ دونہ وُونی اچَھن گاش ٹھیک؟
Play Button Which eye has a new problem? Play Button kaat uch cheyi dzeh dushvaaRee? کتھہ اچھہ چَھئ ژي دُشواری؟
Play Button Do you see my fingers? Play Button dzi cheyi miyaanyi ongji bozni yoovaan? ژ چَھیہ میانہ اوونگجہ بوزنہ یوان؟
Play Button Are they clear? Play Button dzi chooka hekaan voochit? ژ چُھکھہ ہیکان وُوچِھتھہ؟
Play Button How many fingers do you see right now? Play Button kudzaah ongji cheyi dzeh bozna yoovaan vankis? کئیژاہ اوونگجہ چَھئ ژي بؤوزنہ یوان ؤنکئيس؟
Play Button I am going to be looking into your eyes with this. Play Button chaanyin achan dim bu nazaR yemi suweet. چانین اچَھین دمہ بہ نظر یمہ سییت.
Play Button Keep your head still. Play Button panoon kali maa hilaao. پَنُن کلہ ما ہِلاو.
Play Button Look straight ahead and focus on an object. Play Button sod vooch yet cheezas pet taao nazaR. سیودھہ ؤچھہ یَتھہ چیزَس پئٹھہ تھاو نظر.
Play Button While I am looking into your eyes, continue to focus on that object. Play Button yootaan bu chaanyin uchin nazaR dim tootaan taao nazaR yet cheeza pet. یوتان بہ چانین اچھین نظر دِمہ توتان تھاو نظر یَتھہ چیزس پيئٹھہ.
Play Button I am going to put some drops into your eye. Play Button bu tRaavey dzeh yim katRra uchin manz. بہ تراوَی ژي یم قطرا اچھہ منز.
Play Button I am going to blow a puff of air into your eye. Play Button bu dimey dzeh zoR pok achin. بہ دِمئ ژي زور پھوئکھہ اچھین.
Play Button Hold very still while I remove the foreign body in your eye. Play Button bilkul ma hil yootaan bu yi cheez kad chaayn uch manz. بلکل مہ ہِل یوتان بہ یہ چِییز کَڑ چانہِ اچھہ منز.
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