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Play Button Do not stop if the convoy is attacked! Play Button gom chu'p baW gong woa a dtrou gay wee ay bpor haa!
Play Button Drive a minimum of 3 kms before stopping. Play Button bor yaang dteuch ao ee baan bay gee loa mait mu'n chu'p
Play Button Following distance is 100m on open highway. Play Button jom ngaay dtaam knee a gœ moo ay roa ee mait nou lUh yu'n na' bot jom hor
Play Button Following distance is 50m in towns. Play Button jom ngaay dtaam knee a gœ haa seup mait nou knong grong
Play Button When stopped on the road, keep enough space between vehicles to drive around if required. Play Button bpayl chu'p lUh plou dtu'k jon loH ao ee baan gru'p groa un ro wee ung yee un som rup bor jee uh baW dtrou gaa
Play Button If you lose sight of the convoy, slow down and wait for a military truck to pass you, and follow it. Play Button baW nay uk mUhl gong woa a lairng kUhgn bon tor ee la bœ un haW ee jum laan deuk yoa tee a moo ay waa nay uk haW ee dtaam wee a dtou
Play Button No weapons. Play Button kimee un aa wu't dtay
Play Button No cell phone use. Play Button kimee un bpraW dtay lay fon dai dtay
Play Button Do not throw food or water to the locals. Play Button gom boH ma hoap rœ dteuk dtou ao ee nay uk srok
Play Button No littering or dumping trash on military camps or staging areas. Play Button kimee un bpu'ng ree uy gogn jop um rœ juk som raam knong ju'm ru'm rœ bor ree wayn bpror moal yoa tee a dtay
Play Button Go around any broken down truck in the convoy. Play Button bor jee uh laan deuk naa gor dao ee dail koach knong gong woa a
Play Button No flashing beacons. Play Button kimee un plUhng sun nyaa pleup plairt dtay
Play Button Fuel vehicle every time vehicle stops. Play Button juk sung yee un roa ul bpayl yee un chu'p
Play Button Food is provided at some military camps when available. Play Button ma hoap dtrou baan pdol joon nou ju'm ru'm yoa tee a klaH klaH bpayl mee un
Play Button Bring plenty of food and water with you. Play Button yoak ma hoap neung dteuk ao ee som boa dtou jee a moo ay kloo un
Play Button If you have to stop for any reason and the convoy continues, wait for help from the military. Play Button baW nay uk dtrou chu'p dao ee hait a way gor dao ee haW ee gong woa a bon dtor dom naW, nou jum ju'm noo uy bpee yoa tee a
Play Button They will escort you back into position. Play Button gay neung joon nay uk dtou duk knong dtee ju'm hoa wegn
Play Button No fighting or arguing with any other driver over position in convoy. Play Button kimee un bpror dul bpror dtop rœ chloo aH kinee a jee a moo ay nay uk baWk bor ma nay uk dtee ut om bpee dtee ju'm hoa knong gong woa a dtay
Play Button Drive in a single file. Play Button bor knong joo a dtai moo ay
Play Button Be prepared to stop and assist broken down trucks. (Note: This is an instruction for bobtail drivers.) Play Button bprong kloo un neung chu'p haW ee joo uy jroam jrairng laan deuk naa dail koach
Play Button Report any problems with other drivers to the convoy commander. Play Button ree uy gaa bpugn nya haa naa naa dail mee un jee a moo ay nay uk baWk bor ai dtee ut ai dtee ut dtou may bogn jee a gaa gong woa a
Play Button No drug or alcohol use while driving. Play Button kimee un bpraW grœ ung gnee un rœ sraa dtay bpayl baWk bor
Play Button Know how to change tires and have proper tools. Play Button dtrou jeH doa gong neung mee un bpror dup bpror daa jee ung som ru'm
Play Button Loads, straps, chains, and tires are the drivers' responsibility. Play Button ay wun ptu'k, ksai bon dtee a, jror wuk, haW ee neung gong jee a gaa dtoa dtoo ul koH dtrou ro boH nay uk baWk bor
Play Button Check every time the convoy stops. Play Button bpee neut roa ul bpayl gong woa a chu'p
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