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Play Button Turn off your engine. Play Button Tafee sayaartik طفي سيارتك
Play Button Get out of the truck please. Play Button inzil min ish-shaaHina min faDlik انزل من الشاحنه من فضلك
Play Button Where are you coming from? Play Button imneyn jaay? امنين جاى؟
Play Button Where are you going to? Play Button ilweyn maashee? لوين ماشي؟
Play Button What are you transporting? Play Button shin raafa'? شن رافع؟
Play Button Please unlock the back door. Play Button min faDlik aftaH il-baab il-waraanee من فضلك افتح الباب الوراني
Play Button We need to inspect the cargo. Play Button laazim infatish il-Humoola لازم نفتش الحموله
Play Button What is this? Play Button shinoo haada? شنو هادا؟
Play Button Where did you get this ammunition? Play Button min weyn jibt id-daKheera? من وين جبت الذخيره؟
Play Button Who does this ammunition belong to? Play Button imtaa' ishkoon id-daKheera haadee? امتاع شكون الذخيره هاذي؟
Play Button We are going to detain you and confiscate your truck. Play Button ibniHjiz 'aleyk oo-binSaader shaaHintik بنحجز عليك وبنصادر شاحنتك
Play Button You will get your truck back if you tell us who you are taking this to. Play Button binraj'oolik shaaHintik eeda gultilnaa lishkoon waaKhid ish-shaaHina haadee بنرجعولك شاحنتك اذا قلتلنا لشكون واخذ الشاحنة هاذي
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