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Play Button Is fuel available? Play Button teyl shta dee? تيل شته دی؟
Play Button What is the fuel composition? / mixture? Play Button da teylo joRaKht sa dey? د تيلو جوړښت څه دې؟
Play Button What is the cost? Play Button su keemat dey? څه قيمت دې؟
Play Button We need ___ kilos. Play Button moong ___ keelo ghwaaRlu مونږ ___ کيلو غواړو
Play Button How much do we owe you? Play Button moong taaso taa sumRa pesey daRkRloo? مونږ تا سو ته څومره پيسې درکړو؟
Play Button Do you have fuel pits? Play Button taaso saRa da teylo kandey shta? تا سو سره د تيلو کندې شته؟
Play Button Are firefighters available during refueling? Play Button da teylo da achawalo pu waKht key da oR maR kawalo waalaa Khalak wee? د تيلو د اچولو په وخت کې د اور مړ کولو وا ﻻ خلک وی؟
Play Button How much fuel do your trucks hold? Play Button taaso tRak key tsumRa teyl Razee? تاسو ټرک کې څومره تيل راځی؟
Play Button We need refueling. Play Button moong tel achawal ghwaaRlu مونږ تيل اچول غواړو
Play Button Where will we be refueling? Play Button koom zaay key ba moong taa teyl achawaley shee? کوم ځاې کې به مونږ ته تيل اچولې شې ؟
Play Button When can we be refueled? Play Button kala bu moong taa teyl waachawaley shee? کله به مونږ ته تيل واچولې شی؟
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