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Play Button May I see your ID? Play Button za staaso shanaaKhtee kaaRd leedaley sham? زه ستاسو شناختی کارډ ليدلې شم؟
Play Button Where do you live? Play Button taaso cheRta oseegee? تاسو چرته اوسيږی؟
Play Button Where is the farm located? Play Button da kaRwandey mzaka cheRta dey? د کروندې مځکه چرته دی؟
Play Button What was produced on the farm? Play Button da kaRwandey mzakey pedaawaaR sa wo? د کروندې مځکې پيداوار څه وو؟
Play Button Who confiscated the land? Play Button taaso na mzaka cha pu zoRa aKhestee dey? تاسو نه مځکه چا په زوره اخيستی دی؟
Play Button Who now occupies your farm? Play Button da staaso kaRwandey mzaka os cha kabza kaRlee dey? د ستاسو کروندې مځکه اوس چا قبضه کړی دی؟
Play Button Have you talked with them? Play Button taaso haghoee saRaa KhabaRey kaRlee dee? تاسو هغوي سره خبرې کړی دی؟
Play Button Do you have documentation? Play Button taaso saRaa asnaad shta? تاسو سره اسناد شته؟
Play Button Do you think it's dangerous? Play Button da staaso pu Khyaal daa KhataRnaak dey? د ستاسو په خيال دا خطرناک دی؟
Play Button I will contact the appropriate authorities to investigate this matter. Play Button za ba motaalikaa waagdaaRaano saRaa Raabta okRlam che da dey mo-aamley tah-keekaat ukRlee زه به متعلقه واکدارانوسره رابطه وکړم چه د دی معاملې تحقيقات وکړی
Play Button Please know we will assist you. Play Button taaso pu dey KhabaRey poh shee che moong ba staaso madad kawoo تاسو په دی خبری پوه شی چه مونږ به ستاسو مدد کوو
Play Button You must allow the local authorities to conduct their investigation. Play Button taaso baayad makaamee wakdaaRaan praigdee che tah-keekaat okRlee تاسو بايد مقامی واکداران پريږدی چه تحقيقات وکړی
Play Button You must go to the base and speak with an interpreter. Play Button taaso baayad maRkaz ta laaR shee o taRjumaan saRaa KhabaRey okRlee تاسو بايد مرکز تا ﻻړ شی او ترجمان سره خبری وکړی
Play Button The name of the owner Play Button da maalik noom د مالک نوم
Play Button The name of the property Play Button da jaaydaad noom د جاييداد نوم
Play Button Location of the property Play Button da jaaydaad zaay د جاييداد ځای
Play Button Present use of the property Play Button da jaaydaad os isteymaal د جاييداد اوس استعمال
Play Button What is the condition of the property? Play Button da jaaydaad haalat sanga dey? د جاييداد حالت څنګه دی؟
Play Button Who has the title? Play Button sok malkeeyat laRee? څوک ملکيت لری؟
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