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Play Button Put your hands on the steering wheel and do not move them. Play Button Khpal laasoona pu steyRing baandey kegdaa o oye na Khozawey خپل ﻻسونه په سټيرنګ باندی کيږده او اويې نخوزوی
Play Button You are breaking the curfew. Play Button taaso kaRfyoo maatawee تاسو کرفيو ماتوی
Play Button You were speeding. Play Button taaso teyz talalee تاسو تيز تللی
Play Button The curfew is in effect. Play Button kaRfyoo naafiz dey کرفيو نافذ دی
Play Button Did you know there is a curfew? Play Button taaso ta maalooma wa che kaRfyoo dey? تاسو ته معلومه وه چه کرفيو دی؟
Play Button The streets are not safe right now. Play Button os koosey mah-foozey na dee اوس کوڅې محفوظې نه دی
Play Button We will escort you to your relatives. Play Button moong ba taaso Khpalwaano ta bozoo مونږ به تاسو خپلوانو ته بوځو
Play Button The police station will give you information about curfew. Play Button polees taanRla ba taaso ta da kaRfyoo pu baaRey key maaloomaat daRkuRlee پوليس تاڼه به تاسو ته د کرفيو په بارې کې معلومات درکړی
Play Button Turn off the engine. Play Button eenjin band kaRla انجن بند کړه
Play Button Get out of your vehicle. Play Button da gaardee na baahaR Raa- ooza د ګاډی نه باهر راووځه
Play Button May I see your ID, please? Play Button za staaso shanaaKhtee kaaRd kataley sham? زه ستاسو شناختی کارډ کتلې شم؟
Play Button Where are you going? Play Button taaso cheRta zee? تاسو چرته ځی؟
Play Button Are you carrying any weapons? Play Button taaso sa waslaa waRlee? تاسو څه وسله وړی؟
Play Button How much money are you carrying? Play Button sumRa pesey da zaan saRaa waRlee? څومره پيسې د ځان سره وړې؟
Play Button Who gave you the money? Play Button taaso ta cha pesey daRkuRlee? تاسو تا چا پيسې درکړی ؟
Play Button Do you have a gun under the seat? Play Button taaso seet landey topak laRee? تاسو سيټ ﻻندی توپک لری؟
Play Button Are you hiding anything illegal? Play Button taaso sa gheyR kaanoonee shey patawee? تاسو څه غير قانونی شی پټوی؟
Play Button Since you broke the law, we have to arrest you. Play Button choonkey taaso kaanoon maat kaRley no zaka moong taaso bandee kawoo چونکه تاسو قانون مات کړی نو ځکه مونږه تاسو بندی کوو
Play Button We have to take you to the police station. Play Button moong baayad taaso saRaa pu polees taanRley key KhabaRey okRloo مونږ بايد تاسو سره په پوليس تاڼې کې خبری وکړو
Play Button You will ride with us to the police station. Play Button taaso ba moong saRaa polees taanRley ta zee تاسو به مونږ سره پوليس تاڼې ته ځی
Play Button We detained this man at ___. Play Button moong daa saRley pu ___ key bandee kaRley مونزه دا سړی په ___ کې بندی کړج
Play Button He broke the curfew. Play Button hagha kaRfyoo maat kaRley هغه کرفيو مات کړی
Play Button Can you help verify the man's identity? Play Button taaso moong saRaa saRley pu shanaaKhatawalo key madad kawaley shee? تاسو مونږ سره سړی په شناختولو کې مدد کولې شی؟
Play Button He was hiding a gun. Play Button hagha topak pat kaRley wo هغه توپک پټ کړی وو
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