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Play Button Do not eat or drink until the surgery. Play Button apReyshan poRey ma sa KhoRaa aw ma sKha اپريشن پوری مه څه خوره او مه څښه
Play Button Do not eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. Play Button nan neema shpa na wRusto hes shey na ooKhRey aw na usKhey نن نيمه شپه نه وروستو هيڅ شی نه اوخوری او نه اوڅښې
Play Button Take this medicine. Play Button daa dawaayee uKhRa دا دواي وخوره
Play Button You must remain in bed. Play Button taaso baayad pu bistaRey key wee تاسو بايد په بسترې کې وی
Play Button Do not move at all. Play Button hes haRakat onkaRley هيڅ حرکت اونکړی
Play Button You must stay in this room. Play Button taaso baayad pu dey kutey key paatay shee تاسو بايد په دی کوټې کی پاتی شی
Play Button You must not smoke. Play Button taaso baayad sigRet unasKhee تاسو بايد سګرټ او نه څښی
Play Button We have to cut your hair off here. Play Button taaso delta Khpal weeKhta kat kaRlee تاسو دلته خپل ويښته کټ کړی
Play Button You may get up to go to the toilet. Play Button taaso ghosal Khaney taa talalo da paaRa paasee تاسو غسل خانې ته تللو د پاره پاڅی
Play Button We cannot give you anything to eat or drink. Play Button moong taaso taa KhawaRlo ya sKhalo da paaRa sa na shoo daRkawaley مونږ تاسو ته خوړلو يا څښلو د پاره څه نه شو درکولی
Play Button If you need surgery, your stomach must be empty. Play Button ka taaso apReyshan kawee no baayad taaso meydaa Khaalee wee که تاسو اپريشن کوی نو بايد تاسو معده خالی وی
Play Button We will give you food and drink as soon as it is safe to do so. Play Button kala che KhoRaak wasKhaak taaso da paaRa Kha wee no moong ba daRkaRloo کله چه خوراک و څښاک تاسو د پاره ښه وي نو مونږ به درکړو
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