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Play Button Turn off your engine. Play Button Tafee as sayaara طفي السيارة
Play Button Get out of the truck please. Play Button inzil min as sayaara law samaHt انزل من السيارة لو سمحت
Play Button Where are you coming from? Play Button mnayn jaay? منين جاي؟
Play Button Where are you going to? Play Button lewayn raayiH? لوين رايح؟
Play Button What are you transporting? Play Button wish tangil me'ik? وش تنقل معك؟
Play Button Please unlock the back door. Play Button iftaH al baab al Khalfee law samaHt افتح الباب الخلفي لو سمحت
Play Button We need to inspect the cargo. Play Button niHtaaj nifatish al Humoola نحتاج نفتش الحمولة
Play Button What is this? Play Button wish haaTha? وش هذا؟
Play Button Where did you get this ammunition? Play Button mnayn jibit haaThee aTh TheKheera? منين جبت هذي الذخيرة؟
Play Button Who does this ammunition belong to? Play Button lee min haaThee aTh TheKheera? لمن هذي الذخيرة؟
Play Button We are going to detain you and confiscate your truck. Play Button raayeHeen niHtajzik winSaadir ash shaaHina رايحين نحتجزك ونصادر الشاحنة
Play Button You will get your truck back if you tell us who you are taking this to. Play Button raaH ni'Teek ash shaaHina iThaa balaghtana limin maaKhiTh haaThee al Humoola راح نعطيك الشاحنة اذا بلغتنا لمن ماخذ هذي الحمولة
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