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Play Button May I see your ID? Play Button maa tawhaan jee shanaaKhat disee sagaan to? مان توهان جي شناخت ڏسي سگهان ٿو؟
Play Button Where do you live? Play Button tawhaa kitey Randaa aahyo? توهان ڪٿي رهندا آهيو؟
Play Button Where is the farm located? Play Button banee kitey vakey aahey? ٻني ڪٿي واقع آهي؟
Play Button What was produced on the farm? Play Button banee mey chaa padaa keyo vendo aahey? ٻنيءَ ۾ ڇا پيدا ڪيو ويندو آهي؟
Play Button Who confiscated the land? Play Button zameena tey ken kabzo keyo aahey? زمين تي ڪنهن قبضو ڪيو آهي؟
Play Button Who now occupies your farm? Play Button harney tawhaajee banee ken jey kabzey heyt aahey? هاڻي توهان جي ٻني ڪنهن جي قبضي هيٺ آهي؟
Play Button Have you talked with them? Play Button tawhaa onan saa galhaayo aahey? توهان انهن سان ڳالهايو آهي؟
Play Button Do you have documentation? Play Button tawhaa wat likat mey kaa shey aahey? توهان وٽ لکت ۾ ڪا شئي آهي؟
Play Button Do you think it's dangerous? Play Button chaa tawhaa samjo taa ta eho KhataRnaak aahey? ڇا توهان سمجھو ٿا تہ اهو خطرناڪ آهي؟
Play Button I will contact the appropriate authorities to investigate this matter. Play Button aao ina silsiley mey vaasteydaaR aKhtiyaaReen saa Raabto kaRey mooaamiley jee jaach kaReyndis آءُ ان سلسلي ۾ واسطيدار اختيارين سان رابطوڪري معاملي جي جاچ ڪرائيندس.
Play Button Please know we will assist you. Play Button meheRbaan samjoo ta asaa tawhaa jee madad kandaaseen مگربان سمجھ تہ اسان توهان جي مدد ڪنداسين.
Play Button You must allow the local authorities to conduct their investigation. Play Button tawhaa makaamee aKhtiyaaRin key pirna mooaamiley jaach kaRarn jee ijaazat dyo توهان مقامي اختيارن کي پڻ معاملي جاچ ڪرڻ جي اجازت ڏيو.
Play Button You must go to the base and speak with an interpreter. Play Button tawhaa adey mey wanyey ey otey mojood taRjomaana saa galaayo توهان اڏي ۾ وڃي ۽ اتي موجود ترجمان سان ڳالهايو.
Play Button The name of the owner Play Button maalika jo naalo مالڪ جو نالو
Play Button The name of the property Play Button milkiyata jo naalo ملڪيت جو نالو
Play Button Location of the property Play Button milkiyata jo handa ملڪيت جو هنڌ
Play Button Present use of the property Play Button mojooda milkiyat jo isteymaal موجوده ملڪيت جو استعمال
Play Button What is the condition of the property? Play Button milkiyat jee mojooda haalat keRee aahey? ملڪيت جي موجوده حالت ڪهڙي آهي؟
Play Button Who has the title? Play Button kan jey naaley aahey? ڪنهن جي نالي آهي؟
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