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Play Button Put your hands on the steering wheel and do not move them. Play Button panjaa hata veela tey Rak ey oonan key na choR پنهنجا هٿ ويل تي رک ۽ انهن کي نہ چور.
Play Button You are breaking the curfew. Play Button tawhaa kaRfyoo key toRey Reyaa aayo توهان ڪرفيو کي ٽوڙي رهيا آهيو.
Play Button You were speeding. Play Button tawhaa teyz RaftaaRee key pey توهان تيزرفتاري ڪئي پئي.
Play Button The curfew is in effect. Play Button kaRfyoo laagoo tee chooko aahey ڪرفيو لاڳو ٿي چڪو آهي.
Play Button Did you know there is a curfew? Play Button tawhaankey KhabaR aahey ta kaRfyoo lagal aahey? توهان کي خبر آهي تہ ڪرفيو لڳل آهي؟
Play Button The streets are not safe right now. Play Button hinavakt gatyoo meh-fooz naahin هنوقت گهٽيون محفوظ ناهن.
Play Button We will escort you to your relatives. Play Button asaa tawhaa key tawhaajey maay tey wat watee halandaasee اسان توهان کي توهانجي مائٽن وٽ وٺي هلنداسين.
Play Button The police station will give you information about curfew. Play Button kaRfyoo motaalik poolees isteyshan tawhaa key jaarn dindee ڪرفيو متعلق پوليس اسٽيشن توهان کي ڄاڻ ڏيندي.
Play Button Turn off the engine. Play Button eenjern band kaRyo انجڻ بند ڪريو.
Play Button Get out of your vehicle. Play Button penjee gaadee maa baahiR acho پنهنجي گاڏي مان ٻاهر اچو.
Play Button May I see your ID, please? Play Button maa tawhaa jee shanaaKhat disee sagaa to? مان توهان جي شناخت ڏسي سگهان ٿو؟
Play Button Where are you going? Play Button tawhaa keydaa vanyee Reyaa aayo? توهان ڪيڏانهن وڃي رهيا آهيو؟
Play Button Are you carrying any weapons? Play Button tawhaa key hatyaaRa kanee vanyee Reyaa aayo? توهان ڪي هٿيار کڻي وڃي رهيا آهيو؟
Play Button How much money are you carrying? Play Button tawhaa paarn saa gad kitRaa peysaa karnee vanyee Reyaa aayo? توهان پاڻ سان گڏ ڪيترا پيسا کڻي وڃي رهيا آهيو؟
Play Button Who gave you the money? Play Button tawhaa key peysaa kahin dinaa aahin? توهان کي پئسا ڪنهن ڏنا آهن؟
Play Button Do you have a gun under the seat? Play Button tawhaaje seeta jey heytaa bandook aahey chaa? توهان جي سيٽ جي هيٺان بندوق آهي ڇا؟
Play Button Are you hiding anything illegal? Play Button chaa tawhaa kaa gheyR kaanoonee shey likaay Reyaa aayo? ڇا توهان ڪا غيرقانوني شئي لڪائي رهيا آهيو؟
Play Button Since you broke the law, we have to arrest you. Play Button jeeya ta tawhaa kaanoon toRyo aahey, asaankey tawhaa key gRiftaaR karnoo pondo جيئن ته توهان قانون ٽوڙيو آهي، اسان کي توهان کي گرفتار ڪرڻو پوندو.
Play Button We have to take you to the police station. Play Button asaankey tawhaankey polees isteyshan vatee vanyrnwa aahey اسان کي توهان کي پوليس اسٽيشن وٺي وڃڻو آهي.
Play Button You will ride with us to the police station. Play Button tawhaa key asaa saa poolees isteyshan daa halarno pondo توهان کي اسان سان پوليس اسٽيشن ڏانهن هلڻو پوندو.
Play Button We detained this man at ___. Play Button asaa hina maaRun key ___ vat nathaRband keyo اسان هن ماڻهو کي ___ وٽ نظربند ڪيو.
Play Button He broke the curfew. Play Button hina kaRfyoo jee Khilaaf vaRzee key هن ڪرفيو جي خلاف ورزي ڪئي.
Play Button Can you help verify the man's identity? Play Button tawhaa hina maron key sunyaaran mey madad kandaa? توهان هن ماڻهو کي سڃاڻڻ ۾ مدد ڪندا؟
Play Button He was hiding a gun. Play Button hee hika bandooka likaaye Reyo ho هيءُ هڪ بندوق لڪائي رهيو هو.
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