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Play Button You have been hurt. Play Button tawhaa dakjee chukaa aahyo توهان ڌڪجي چڪا آهيو.
Play Button We are all working to help you. Play Button asaa sab tawhaa jey madad laay kam kaRey Reyaa aayoo اسان سڀ توهان جي مدد لاءِ ڪم ڪري رهيا آهيون.
Play Button Help us take care of you. Play Button asaajee madad kaR ta tawhaajee sambaal kaRey sagoo اسانجي مدد ڪر تہ توهاننجي سنڀال ڪري سگھون.
Play Button We have to remove your clothes. Play Button asaankey tawhaa jaa kapRaa lahirnaa pondo اسان کي توهان جا ڪپڙا لاهڻا پوندا.
Play Button Do you have any bad reactions to any medicine? Play Button chaa tawhaankey kahin davaa maa KhaRaab Rad amal teendo aahey? ڇا توهان کي ڪنهن دوا مان خراب رد عمل ٿيندو آهي؟
Play Button Have you eaten food in the past six hours? Play Button chaa guzuRyal chen kalaakan mey tawhaa kaado kaado aahey? ڇا گذريل ڇهن ڪلاڪن ۾ توهان کاڌو کاڌو آهي؟
Play Button Is this injury from a landmine? Play Button chaa hee zaKham kahin zeR zameen sRinga maa tyo aahey? ڇا هي زخم ڪنهن زير زمين سرنگھہ مان ٿيو آهي؟
Play Button Were you shot? Play Button chaa tokey golee lagee? ڇا توکي گولي لڳي؟
Play Button Is this from a knife? Play Button chaa hee chaakoo maa tyo aahey? ڇا هيءُ چاقو مان ٿيو آهي؟
Play Button Is this from a rock? Play Button chaa kahin pataRa maa tyo aahey? ڇا ڪنهن پٽرمان ٿيو آهي؟
Play Button Is this from a vehicle crash? Play Button kahin gaadiya jey takaR maa tyo aahey? ڪنهن گاڏيءَ جي ٽڪر مان ٿيو آهي؟
Play Button Did a person do this to you? Play Button chaa kahin maarnhoowa tawhaa saa heeya kayo aahey? ڇا ڪنهن ماڻهوءَ توهان سان هيئن ڪيو آهي؟
Play Button Did you lose consciousness after this happened? Play Button chaa iho tyern kaa poey tawhaa penjo hosh vinyaayee veetaa huwaa? ڇا اهو ٿيڻ کان پوءِ توهان پنهنجو هوش وڃائي ويٺا هئا؟
Play Button Did you lose more than this much blood? Play Button chaa tawhaa jo hitRey kaa vadeek Rat vinyaoo? ڇا توهان جو هيتري کان وڌيڪ رت وڃايو؟
Play Button Point to all the parts of your body that hurt. Play Button panjey jisma jey sabnee hisan tey hat Rak jitey sooR aahey پنهنجي جسم جي سڀني حصن تي هٿ رک جتي سور آهي.
Play Button Does it hurt when I do this? Play Button chaa tawhaankey takleef tyey tee jadey maa eeyey kayaa to? ڇا توهان کي تڪليف ٿئي ٿي جڏهن مان ايئن ڪيان ٿو؟
Play Button Move this like this. Play Button ina key heeye choRyo ان کي هينئن چوريو.
Play Button Turn over this way. Play Button hina taRa moRyo هن طرح موڙيو.
Play Button Did you inhale any smoke or very hot air? Play Button chaa tawhaa doowa yaa gaRam havaa saaha saa kayaa aahin? ڇا توهان دونهن يا گرم هوا ساهہ سان کنيا آهن؟
Play Button Do your lungs hurt? Play Button chaa tawhaa key pipRan mey sooR aahey? ڇا توهان کي ڦڦڙن ۾ سور آهي؟
Play Button Are you having trouble breathing? Play Button tawhaa key saaha karnarna mey takleef tyey tee? توهان کي ساهہ کڻڻ ۾ تڪليف ٿئي ٿي؟
Play Button This will help avoid infection. Play Button hina saa Rog kaa bachana mey madad melandee هن سان روڳ کان بچڻ ۾ مدد ملندي.
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