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Play Button Have you urinated today? Play Button tawhaa adye peyshaab kayo aahey? توهان اڄ پيشاب ڪيو آهي؟
Play Button Does your bladder feel full? Play Button chaa tawhaa jo masaanoo baRjal meh-soos lagey to? ڇا توهان جو مثانو ڀرجيل محسوس لڳي ٿو؟
Play Button Do you have problems starting to urinate? Play Button tawhaankey peyshaab shuRoo kaRarn mey maseylaa aahin? توهان کي پيشاب شروع ڪرڻ ۾ مسئلا آهن؟
Play Button Do you have an urge to urinate but are unable to pass urine? Play Button chaa tawhaa key peyshaab jo Khyaal tyey to paRa peyshaab kadee nata sago? ڇا توهان کي پيشاب جو خيال ٿئي ٿو پر پيشاب ڪڍي نٿا سگھو؟
Play Button Do you have any pain with urination? Play Button peyshaab kaRarn vakt tawhaa key kahin kisma jo sooR teendo aahey? پيشاب ڪرڻ وقت توهان کي ڪنهن قسم جو سور ٿيندو آهي؟
Play Button Urinate into this container. Play Button hina dabey mey peyshaab kayo هن دٻي ۾ پيشاب ڪيو.
Play Button You need a tube in your bladder. Play Button tawhaa jey masaaney mey tyoob lagaayirn jee zaRooRat aahey توهان جي مثاني ۾ ٽيوب لڳائڻ جي ضرورت آهي.
Play Button I am going to insert a tube into your bladder to drain urine. Play Button tawhaa jo peyshaab KhaaRij kaRarn laay maa tawhaa jey masaaney mey nalkee lagayndis توهان جو پيشاب خارج ڪرڻ لاءِ مان توهان جي مثاني ۾ نلڪي لڳائيندس.
Play Button This tube will empty the urine from your bladder. Play Button hee tyoob tawhaa jey masaaney maa peyshaab Khaalee kando هيءُ ٽيوب توهان جي مثاني مان پيشاب خالي ڪندو.
Play Button This tube will feel uncomfortable in you. Play Button hee tyoob tawhaankey bey aaRaamee meh-soos kaReyndo هي ٽيوب توهانکي بي آرامي محسوس ڪرائيندو.
Play Button Do not touch this tube. Play Button hina tyooba key na chuho هن ٽيوب کي نہ ڇهو.
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