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Play Button Do not eat or drink until the surgery. Play Button aapReyshan taayee na kaawo yaa peeyo آپريشن تائين نہ کائو يا پيئو.
Play Button Do not eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. Play Button aj Raat adee taayee kooj be naa kaawo be ya peeyo اڄ رات آڌيءَ تائين ڪجھہ بہ نہ کائو يا پيئو.
Play Button Take this medicine. Play Button heeya dawaa vato هي دوا وٺو.
Play Button You must remain in bed. Play Button tawhaankey bistRey tey Raharn guRjey توهان کي بستري تي رهڻ گهرجي.
Play Button Do not move at all. Play Button bilkul chuR puR na kaRyo بلڪل چرپر نہ ڪريو.
Play Button You must stay in this room. Play Button tawhaankey hina kamRey mey zaRooR Rarn guRjey توهان کي هن ڪمري ۾ ضرور رهڻ گهرجي.
Play Button You must not smoke. Play Button tawhaa bilkool sigRet na pyo توهان بلڪل سگريٽ نہ پيو.
Play Button We have to cut your hair off here. Play Button asaankey hitaa kaa tawhaa jaa vaaR katarnaa aahin اسان کي هٿان کان توهان جا وار ڪٽڻا آهن.
Play Button You may get up to go to the toilet. Play Button tawhaa baley ootee kaakoos vanyo توهان ڀلي اٿي ڪاڪوس وڃو.
Play Button We cannot give you anything to eat or drink. Play Button asaa tawhaankey kaayirn yaa peeyarna laay kuja nataa daee sagoo اسان توهان کي کائڻ يا پيئڻ لاءِ ڪجهہ نٿا ڏئي سگهون.
Play Button If you need surgery, your stomach must be empty. Play Button jey tawhaa key jaRaahiya jee zaRooRat aahey ta meydo Khaalee hujey جي توهان کي جراحيءَ جي ضرورت آهي تہ معدو کي ضرور خالي هجي.
Play Button We will give you food and drink as soon as it is safe to do so. Play Button asaa tawhaankey kaayarna eyn peeyarna laay deendaasee jadey eeya kaRarn sahee hundo اسان توهان کي کائڻ ۽ پيئڻ لاءِ ڏينداسين جڏنهن ائين ڪرڻ صهيه هوندو.
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