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Play Button Is fuel available? Play Button hal wugood mawjood? هل وقود موجود؟
Play Button What is the fuel composition / mixture? Play Button maa huwa tarkeeb / taKhleeT al-wugood? ما هو تركيب / تخليط الوقود؟
Play Button What is the cost? Play Button tamanoo kam? ثمنو كم؟
Play Button We need (five) kilos Play Button niHna 'aayzeen / nareed (Khamsa) keelo نحنا عايزين / نريد (خمسة) كيلو
Play Button How much do we owe you? Play Button niHna madyooneen leyk beekam? نحنا مديونين ليك بكم؟
Play Button Do you have fuel pits? Play Button hal 'indak Hufra wugood? هل عندك حفر وقود؟
Play Button Are firefighters available during refueling? Play Button hal fee rijaal al-maTaafi mawjoodeen fee zamin tazweed al-wugood? هل في رجال المطافى موجدين في زمن تزويد الوقود؟
Play Button How much fuel do your trucks hold? Play Button shaaHinatak bitaHmil al-wugood gadir shinu? شاحنتك بتحمل الوقود قدر شنو؟
Play Button We need refueling. Play Button niHna 'aayzeen / nareed tazweed al-wugood نحنا عايزين / نريد تزويد الوقود
Play Button Where will we be refueling? Play Button niHna Hanizawid al-wugood weyn? نحنا حنزود الوقود وين؟
Play Button When can we be refueled? Play Button niHna Hanigdar nizawid al-wugood miteyn? نحنا حنقدر نزويد الوقود متين؟
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