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Play Button Do not eat or drink until the surgery. Play Button maa tishrab wa-laa taakul Hata al-'amaleeya ما تشرب ولا تاكل حتى العملية.
Play Button Do not eat or drink anything after midnight tonight. Play Button maa taakul wa-laa tishrab ayi shey ba'di niSf al-leyl ما تاكل ولا تشرب اي شي بعد نصف الليل.
Play Button Take this medicine. Play Button aKhud ad-dawaa daa اخذ الدواء ده.
Play Button You must remain in bed. Play Button laazim tibga fee sareer لازم تبقى فى سرير.
Play Button Do not move at all. Play Button maa titHarak KhaaliS ما تتحرك خالص.
Play Button You must stay in this room. Play Button laazim tig'ud fee ghurfa dee لازم تقعد فى غرفة دى.
Play Button You must not smoke. Play Button laazim maa tidaKhin لازم ما تدخن.
Play Button We have to cut your hair off here. Play Button niHna HanaHliq sha'arak min hina نحنا حنحلق شعرك من هنا.
Play Button You may get up to go to the toilet. Play Button mumkin tigoom timshee al-Hamaam ممكن تقوم تمشي الحمام.
Play Button We cannot give you anything to eat or drink. Play Button niHna maa mumkin nadeek ayi akl wa-laa sharaab نحنا ما ممكن نديك اى اكل ولا شراب.
Play Button If you need surgery, your stomach must be empty. Play Button lo inta 'aayiz 'amaleeya laazim baTnak tikoon faaDee لو انت عايز عملية لازم بطنك تكون فاضي.
Play Button We will give you food and drink as soon as it is safe to do so. Play Button niHna Hanadeek akl wa- sharaab beemoojarad-ma tikoon fee amaan lee-kida نحنا حنديك اكل و شراب بمجرد ما تكون فى أمان لكدا.
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