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Play Button Have you urinated today? Play Button oomeehee naa po ba kaayo ngaayon? Umihi na po ba kayo ngayon?
Play Button Does your bladder feel full? Play Button poono po ba aang paantog ninyo? Puno po ba ang pantog ninyo?
Play Button Do you have problems starting to urinate? Play Button maayRo-on po ba kaayong pRoblema saa paag-eehee? Mayroon po ba kayong problema sa pag-ihi?
Play Button Do you have an urge to urinate but are unable to pass urine? Play Button eebig po ba ninyong oomeehit ngoonit hindee kaayo maakaa-eehee? Ibig po ba ninyong umihi nguniā€™t hindi kayo makaihi?
Play Button Do you have any pain with urination? Play Button maasaakit po ba aang paag-eehee ninyo? Masakit po ba ang pag-ihi ninyo?
Play Button Urinate into this container. Play Button oomeehi po kaayo Reeto saa laalaagyaang eeto Umihi po kayo rito sa lalagyang ito.
Play Button You need a tube in your bladder. Play Button kaa-eelaangan po ninyo naang toobo saa paantog ninyo Kailangan po ninyo nang tubo sa pantog ninyo.
Play Button I am going to insert a tube into your bladder to drain urine. Play Button maaglaalaagaay po aako nang toobo saa paantog ninyo oopang loomaabaas aang eehee Maglalagay po ako ng tubo sa pantog ninyo upang lumabas ang ihi.
Play Button This tube will empty the urine from your bladder. Play Button laalaabaas po aang eehee ninyo saa toobong eeto Lalabas po ang ihi ninyo sa tubong ito.
Play Button This tube will feel uncomfortable in you. Play Button hindee po maageenhaawaa saa lo-ob nang kaataawan ninyo aang toobong eeto Hindi po maginhawa sa loob ng katawan ninyo ang tubong ito.
Play Button Do not touch this tube. Play Button hoowag po ninyong haawaakan aang toobong eeto Huwag po ninyong hawakan ang tubong ito.
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