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Play Button Is fuel available? Play Button yanghich baarmi? Ýangyç barmy?
Play Button What is the fuel composition / mixture? Play Button yanghijing dUZUmi / gatishighi naame? Ýangyjyň düzümi / gatyşygy näme?
Play Button What is the cost? Play Button bahathi naache? Bahasy näçe?
Play Button We need ___ kilos. Play Button biZe ___ kile gerek Bize ___ kile gerek
Play Button How much do we owe you? Play Button thiZe berghimiZ naache? Size bergimiz näçe?
Play Button Do you have fuel pits? Play Button yanghich UchUn howuZ baarmi? Ýangyç üçin howuz barmy?
Play Button Are firefighters available during refueling? Play Button zapraavka waghti yanghin thEndUrijiler elyeterlimi? Zaprawka wagty ýangyn söndürijiler elýeterlimi?
Play Button How much fuel do your trucks hold? Play Button thiZing yUk mashinlaringiZa naache yanghich thighyar? Siziň ýük maşynlaryňyza näçe ýangyç sygýar?
Play Button We need refueling. Play Button biZ yanghich almali Biz ýangyç almaly
Play Button Where will we be refueling? Play Button biZ nirede zapraavka ederith? Biz nirede zaprawka ederis?
Play Button When can we be refueled? Play Button biZ hachan zapraavka edip bilerith? Biz haçan zaprawka edip bileris?
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