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Play Button Is fuel available? Play Button eeneen gas beh sakap neh? Inin gas be sakap ne?
Play Button What is the fuel composition / mixture? Play Button eeneh benet tad / lamood see gas eeneen? Ine benettad / lamud si gas inin?
Play Button What is the cost? Play Button pee yeh halgah nen? Piye halga’ nen?
Play Button We need ___ kilos. Play Button neeseeseeteh keeteh meneh ___ keelo Nisisita kite menge ___ kilo
Play Button How much do we owe you? Play Button peeyeh ootang kamee seekah oo? Piye utang kami si ka’u?
Play Button Do you have fuel pits? Play Button neeya beh keh ew bet taran gas eeneen? Niya’ be kew bettaran gasi’ inin?
Play Button Are firefighters available during refueling? Play Button eeneen mengeh boombero beh sakap seeyeh seh loogay meg eenah gas? Inin menge bombero be sakap siye silugay meg-inna’ gas?
Play Button How much fuel do your trucks hold? Play Button peeyeh ek ka gas tarak noo mekeh entan? Piye ekka’ gas tarak nu meke-entan?
Play Button We need refueling. Play Button soobey keeteh meg gas Subey kite meggas
Play Button Where will we be refueling? Play Button eeng geh keeteh eeneen meg gas? Engge kete inin meggas?
Play Button When can we be refueled? Play Button soomeeyan keeteh eeneen mekeh peg gas? Sumiyan kete inin mekepeggas?
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