Countries in Perspective / Cultural Orientation
I cannot see the Assessments at the end of the chapters or the Final Assessments at the end of the product.
If you are using Internet Explorer browser, you must confirm that ActiveX Control is active within the browser you are using. You will probably see a yellow line at the top of your browser. Right click on it and select "Allow Blocked Content". A small window will pop up saying, "Are you sure you want to let this file run active content?" Select "yes".
Are the courses on this website worth promotion points?
Traditionally completing college courses and MOS correspondence courses are awarded promotion points. However, please check with your NCOIC or personnel office to determine if they award points for these courses. Our materials are relatively new, so they may not have been evaluated yet.
How can I show my supervisor that I have completed these courses?
Many of our materials, the Country in Perspective series, the Cultural Orientation series, and the HeadStart series, provide certificates upon completion.
I cannot find the country or language I am looking for on your site.
If you have checked both the country and language menus in the top right hand corner of your screen and still do not see the country or language you are looking for, than we may not have any materials on that country or language. Please send an email to our helpdesk at to confirm. We welcome country and language suggestions for inclusion in future products.
How do I order products from this website?
To order any of our products please fill out the form at